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Cycling around Broek in Waterland

Cyclingtrack at the IJsselmeerdike between Durgerdam and Uitdam

Broek in Waterland

Durgerdam route (35 km)

Broek in Waterland - Zunderdorp - Schellingwoude - Durgerdam - Ransdorp - Holysloot - Uitdam - Zuiderwoude - Broek in Waterland

Start in Broek in Waterland (North) at the Pancake Restaurant "De Witte Swaen", Dorpsstraat 11-13 (opened from 12.00 a.m.)

This location is at 50 m from the busstops).
Cycles can be hired at WIM TWEEWIELERS, Laan 44.

Kaartje Durgerdamroute You go to the N247 mainroad and pass through the tunnel for cyclers and pedestrians.
After 15 m you go over the white wooden bridge and cycle strait on the "Zuideinde" road.
After 250 m at the end of the Zuideinde you go to your right at the T-crossing.
You go over a white wooden bridge and you cycle on the "Wagengouw" road.
After 100 m you persue the "Wagengouw" with a slight left hand angle.
After 500 m at the end of the Wagengouw you go to the right at the T-crossing on the "Galggouw" road op.
At the end of the row of houses of the Galggouw you take the cycling track to "Zunderdorp" to the left.
The cycling track ends and you follow the road to the center of the village in the direction of the church of Zunderdorp.

Church of Zunderdorp

You enter the center of the village by passing over a little bridge.
After 80 m you go to the right to the church, before the church you go to the right, over a litle cycling track.
After 100 m you are at the "Nieuwe Gouw" road, go to the left and take the cycling track to the village Ransdorp.

After 2 km you enter the village Ransdorp at your right hand side.

Tower and church of the village Ransdorp Little bridge in Ransdorp In the village you stop at the auberge "De Zwaan" for a drink if you like.
After that you persue the street, pass the bridge.
Go to the right along the church to the old Mayors House.
Sometimes the tower is opened and you can climb inside to the flat top at which you can have a marvellous view over the surroundings.

In the 17th century Ransdorp was one of the rich Waterlands villages. Close your eyes and go back in time.
You pass the Mayors House, go strait on and after 50 m you go on your right hand side over a bridge.
You cycle on a path along a canal called the "Weersloot".
After 500 m you go to your right hand side over a bridge and you persue to path along the canal for another 800 m, until you see a complex of gardens with wooden houses.
You go strait on, after 200 m go through a tunnel underneath the big highway (Ring A10) and after that over the other road.
The cycling track is making an angle to the right and after that you go along the gardens and then a slight angle to the left.
You are at the cycle track along the "Zuiderzeeweg" , cross this road, you pass at yor right hand side a little lake.

Houses at the dike of the former village Schellingwoude
After the lake you go to your left and cycle on the "Schellingwouderdijk", here you follow this dike to your left. At your right hand side you see Soccerfields. After that you see a restaurant with a terrace on your left. On your right hand side you see the "Oranjesluizen". The entrance for the ships to Amsterdam on the East side.

You cycle strait on and you see the big bridge "Schellingwouder Brug".
You go underneath the bridge and take the cycling track at your left hand side (be careful crossing the road).
You pass again a tunnel underneath the highway Ring A10 and you persue the cycling track in the direction of the village "Durgerdam".

Tower of Durgerdam
The cycle track ends when you enter the village.
On your right hand side you see a brandnew part of Amsterdam, called "IJburg".
You see the little tower of the picture.
After a while you see some places to have a lunch. Do not forget to do so, because it is your last chance.
At the end of Durgerdam, at the large parking place and the big metal windmill, you go strait on at the cycle track on the dike, the "Uitdammerdijk".

After 700 m you see a Camping (your very last chance to have something to eat in the Cantina) "Het Kinselmeer",
You cycle along the border of the lake Kinselmeer on your left and the former Zuiderzee (now IJsselmeer) on your right hand side.
If the view is good, you can see in the south the old town of Muiden, and the new towns Almere and Lelystad.
After 800 m you pass a parking place at the dike and short after that we leave the cycle track to go to the village "Holysloot".
You have to be careful by crossing the road.
The road follows the angles of the dike of the "Blijkmeer" polder.
This old polderroad ends on the "Bloemendalergouw", go to the right to the village "Holysloot".

Church of Holysloot In Holysloot you go to the left, the street ends at a little port at a lake.

(Here you can hire boats and also you can have a ferry to croos the lake to Broek in Waterland if you want to shorten the route).
For info call 020 - 4904612, rent a boat John in Holysloot.
or check website Pontje Holysloot

You return for completing the total route to the big dike again where you left to see Holysloot ("Uitdammerdijk"), follow the shields to Uitdam.
You persue your route on the cycling track on the dike to "Uitdam".

The skyline of Uitdam
You see an old steam mill along the dike, at the lake on your left the "Uitdammer Die" , after 1,5 km you enter Uitdam.
The cycle track ends over there.

Almost at the end of the village you go to your left (take care crossing the road) in the direction of the village "Zuiderwoude", the raod is called "Rijperweg".
After 2,5 km at the T-crossing you go to the right and you enter the East side of the village Zuiderwoude, by passing over a bridge.
(Over the bridge on your right hand side you have after 50 m a teagarden ("Het Einde"). Click here for info

Thee actual route after the bridge goes to the left. You cycle through the village. In the middle at your left hand side you can sometimes have a nice glass of wine. The street ends at the church.
Before the church you go to the left, you pass a bridge and you are on the road "Aandammergouw".

Aandammer bridge After 800 m you go to the right at the T-crossing with a slight angle to the white bridge.
1100 m after the bridge you go at the T-crossing to the right into the polder "Belmermeer".
On the fence you can enjoy the view of the modern skyline of Amsterdam, the Rembrandt tower.
After 1500 m you leave the polder, another 200 m strait on and at the "Wagengouw" strait persue on the "Galggouw".

At the end of the houses of the Galggouw pass a bridge and go to the right, follow the cycle track along the dike of the polder "Broekermeer".

At the end of the cycle track you go to the right, to go on the road "Eilandweg".
After 200 m at the big Stolp farmhouse you see the white bridge on the left, take that and go through the tunnel and you finish where you started.

You can have a drink in Het Pannekoekenhuis
or in Restaurant "De Drie Noten" (after 17.00 p.m.), or lunchroom Broeck.

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